Monday, August 10, 2009

Last minute trip

I know it seems like we have been on a hundred vacations this year. Well, why not another? We own a time share and it seemed all of our accumulated weeks expire at the same time.

We tried to rent this week in Escondido, but only a few nights rented out. So what to do? Go enjoy! The short (yah right) car trip was definitely worth it. Alexa was an angel in the car. Seriously! Brandon, however, cried the whole way that he didn't want another trip and wanted to go to his cousin Jakes house. boohoo. Poor baby had to go to San Diego.

All we did during the 2 days was go to the beach. It's all we WANTED to do. I love the beach so much and sure miss it. The first day we went to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. SO nice and fun.

Brandon wouldn't leave the towel the first day.

Turning Paige (Ainsley) into a mermaid

LOVE what the sand does to Alexa's hair.

Day number 2 we went to my old fave, Oceanside Harbor. After I got back from Brazil (How many years ago???) my family had moved there. I went almost every day. As you can see, Brandon ventured off the towel.

And wouldn't you know it??? We ran into some friends! Hello to the Hoopes! Ashley was a total doll and showed Paige (Ainsley) how to boogie board. OH MY! She now LOVES Ashley to death and thinks the world of her. And she LOVES boogie boarding. She didn't want to leave. And guess what? Brandon cried all the way home that he didn't want to leave his vacation.


damagsmonkey said...

Fun!!! You're so lucky to escape the heat! I'd love to be in SD right now......

David & Karyann said...

I love that whole blog entry. PAIGE is a funny girl! and crying brandon is the best.

The Lytles said...

I'm so glad you were able to go on another trip! You are right the beach is the best place to be! It seems like the last minute unplanned trips are much more fun! I'm glad you had fun!

Meredith said...

We jut got back from La Jolla and think we live in the wrong place. Looks awesome!

shay said...

How did I not realize that Oceanside is where your fam moved to... glad you had fun in my neck of the wood! Well, not really, anymore--I miss waking up and seeing the ocean!