Monday, August 10, 2009

My new project

First of all, sorry about all of the crumby pictures in the next few posts. I was having user error problems with the camera. Hopefully it's all better now.

So, I can't get by with just one project, you know? Of course Ryan is doing most of the work on painting the house, so I am on another kick during the day. :) Refinishing my oak cabinets.

This shot gives you a look at the cheap-o cabinets we have. The sides aren't even wood. They are crappy whatever. It's funny because we have gorgeous doors. Knotty alder, 8 foot high. Why the cabinets, I don't know. So I decided to do the bathroom first. Test run, you know?

Here is my first step. I ordered this beadboard wallpaper from home depot online. Cool! I am loving it. Except one problem. I can't cut with a razor to save my life. See how crappy the bottom looks? I may have to add some lovely trim to that piece of work.

My new paint should be in the mail today. I will post more pics in a couple days. I am loving nap time with 2 at school!


damagsmonkey said...

Looks great!! You're so productive, all I've gotten done is decollating the coupons. Woo.
We need to get the little ones together soon. When's naptime for you?

The Lytles said...

Looks great! Its nice to start new projects! Good luck!

JACK's house said...

Looks AWESOME!!! Your too creative for me ;)

Meredith said...

Now why bead board wall paper and not actual bead board? Tell me about the inspiration for must have found it on a blog somewhere! Which paint are you using?

brittanyc said...

Loving that!! Can't wait to see the final pics!