Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some things I like, some I hate

I wanted to do I quick list of some GREAT things about our new house, and some things I HATE LIKE: the rounded door as seen in this shot of the cupboard under the stairs. (Also the only wall in the house currently painted to our liking. We painted it a couple days ago.)

HATE: The kitchen. Not enough drawers, ugly cabinets and old white appliances. I spent an entire day cleaning the mold out of that fridge and still won't let anyone drink out of the water dispenser. (As a side LIKE, Ryan and I put in the microwave and a new RO system. I didn't trust the old one. They are awesome.)

LIKE: my piano has her own room

LIKE: the transom windows above a few of the doors. (This is my master door)

HATE: The ugly paint and unprofessional job. (This is also my master. How long do you think we can stand it before we redo? I am still trying to decide on the perfect shade.)

HATE: Other people boogers. I honestly found this on the wall upstairs and decided to thoroughly gross you out with more insight to my life.

So, what do you all think?


JACK's house said...

Isn't it funny when we get a new house we do the Like and Dislike? I did the same fact two months later I still do it. (no more boogers.... :(

Lytles said...

I liked everything you liked! It's amazing how easy it is to make a house your own with a fresh coat of paint. I can't wait to see all the changes you make to the house!

TamaraLove said...

The house is awesome! Well, once you put 'your' touches on it! The previous owners HAD to have had SMALL children! Booggieeess on the wall - eeuuww not the type of personalization I go for in a house.... But, soon enough that will just be a memory! I Love the architecture and windows!

Melissa said...

I bet the kids play Harry Potter with that closet under the stairs. It just BEGS to be played in with that cute door. I can't wait to see the rest of it!

Amy Johnson said...

Okay, I just threw up in my mouth a little. I can barely handle my own kids boogers (maybe this is why I've been in Nursery 2 yrs--to overcome my booger issues), nevermind someone's leftover boogers on the wall. SICK.
Anyways, the house looks AWESOME! Except the ugly paint--the brown smears would drive me crazy! I'd love to come see it once the boogers are cleared up ;) And I'm totally jealous... I want a cupboard under the stairs so bad! I'd fill it with owls, broomsticks, the works!

ps Jingle Bells is awesome!