Friday, August 13, 2010

House update!

Most of you know we moved in a little while ago. I thought I would write a little update on the process.

First of all, we were SO stressed about the double move. We had to get a storage unit and put in all of our furniture (except the piano went to my grandmas.) We were staying at her place for about 3 weeks while she was in Utah.

One day Ryan called me and said he wanted to place a complaint against Chase with the OCC. We had just been waiting SO LONG for that lein to be closed and wondered if it ever would. If you know Ryan, he wouldn't just write a letter. He got all of the account numbers, dates, facts. I would have just written an emotionally charged hate mail-type letter. Not Ryan. As he gathered all of his important information, he looked up the previous owners information on the internet with the assessor. No lein. hmmm. Owner before that. hmmm. Lein cleared June 24th! ARE YOU KIDDING??? He was furious. We called the title company, realtor, etc. Oops. Their response? Chases fault for not informing them. Really? Because I kind of thought your job was to research these things. So we finally moved in after an unecessary double move and lots of money down the toilet.

Then, two days after we moved and closed we went to the ward campout. The day after that we went to San Diego for a week. The day after that school started. And here we are! Whew! Finally moving in! I swear I will get some pictures up here soon. :)


JACK's house said...

Sounds just like my whole month of June...but now the adjusting starts...blah :(

Melissa said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Do you need a lawyer to sue the title company for your losses? That is absolutely ridiculous. I wish I had gotten to talk to you more the other day but I will see you at play group Tuesday.