Friday, August 13, 2010

Old Town, Aunt Sally, and Coronado

Tuesday my sister Sally came down to have fun with us. My Kids LOVE their Aunt Sally. She is now 30, but they think she is like 12. When she does anything they double check to make sure she is allowed. "Mom, can she go down there all by herself?" Yep. I think she can make it. We spent one day with her at Old Town and Coronado Island.

The yummy candy shop is always a treat. Jake came down on Vacation with us. This jaw breaker was messy, but lasted him the entire week.

Brandon was picked to dress like a soldier at the Mormon Battalion Center. That was a fun place to visit! The movie tour was so fun to watch. They panned for gold, and all sorts of fun things. I would highly recommend it!

Just proud of my photo work.

All of us together having fun!


JACK's house said...

Ok...I think you did FAB on your pic of Alexa too :)

Lytles said...

I love the picture of Alexa! You must frame that one!