Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brandon's First Day of School - THE WORST DAY EVER

So, I'm not a mom who is on the ball. I admit it. I forgot to take pics of the kids on their first day of school.

But here is the low-down.

Ainsley loved it. Brandon hated it. If anyone know Brandon, you know he has a tendency to be fairly negative. I think he gets it from his dad. He says the same about me. Anyways, every day is THE WORST DAY EVER. No joke, every day.

Unfortunately this was really pretty bad and it was all my fault.

First, we were in San Diego for meet the teacher night. Being a new school, I wasn't aware of the lunch schedule. I didn't know he ate at 10:15. Seriously. 10:15! So I didn't send him with a snack. By the time 3:05 came around, he was a total disaster.

Secondly, the night before school I was lecturing Megan (my sister) about how she HAD to go to the store and buy Jake some school supplies. She was under the impression they weren't necessary and the teachers should buy them themselves. She is too poor. I gave her a big speech about Jake needing to feel confident and not having supplies is embarassing, etc. She caved and went to Wal-Mart.

Brandon came home furious about having no school supplies. "I was so embarassed!" he whined. I had to raise my hand and tell the teacher I didn't have a pencil. Everyone stared at me. He was crying by now from hunger, too. The very same thing I said would happend to Jake happened to Brandon.

"Well, Brandon, I sent you with all the supplies in your backpack!" (I really did!) He forgot to open the pocket in the front. Oops!


JACK's house said...

Oh first day jitters really stink! I want to go to Utah a few days before the meet the teacher it a bad idea? (just wondering...I'll probably do it anyway)

Lytles said...

Don't be too hard on yourself you just moved! I still think you're a great mom!