Thursday, January 22, 2009

Super Duper Sale

Sometimes, when I get some things SOOOOO cheap I have to share. For those of you who preshop for next winter (like me) or if your kids just need more clothes for the winter, this is for you.

I think I have posted about Crazy8 before. They are to Gymboree as Old Navy is to Gap. if you don't like Gymboree, have no fear. They are much different. Simpler and plainer.

Here is the deal...
I got 2 pairs of leggings for Ains at 2.99 each. All the rage with 8 yr olds.
1 skirt for her for Christmas next year for 9.99
1 long sleezed T for Ains for 1.99
4 long sleeved T's for B 2.99 ea
2 long sleeved t's for Alexa at 2.99 each
2 leggings for Alexa at 2.99 each
1 hoodie for Alexa (matching the leggings) for 6.99

Christmas skirt

Chrry leggings (with matching hoodie)

Hockey T

Now the kicker. enter your email address for emails and get $10 off your total. My total was $39.67 with $5 shipping.

That is a LOT of clothes for $40!!!!


Meredith said...

Big fan of Crazy 8 myself...however, like the last time I posted about Crazy 8, my kids need clothes like they need a hole in the head. I had to tell Grandma not to buy clothes for Christmas for my kids. She always does but this year, when I said it plainly, ie: "I have TWELVE 6-12 mo. dresses for baby kate" she didn't. I just can't take any more girl clothes!!!! OK, I might have to sneak a peak...

The Lytles said...

Thanks for the tip! Keep the ideas coming! I love hearing about them!

Knapp family said...

That's a bargain!! Very Cute might I add.

Jill :-)

Casey said...

J Crew is having an amazing sale too right now online! I love their kids line.