Saturday, January 10, 2009

Domestic Day

My friend and neighbor (Mona) and I had some ants in our pants to be domestic today, so we decided to make salsa. We had a blast! I didn't use quite as many tomatoes as I thought and have a lot left over, with no more jars. Any ideas?

Does this not look like barf???? It is peach salsa, I swear!!!

For my next domestic display, I have this great idea to make the cutest Sandi Henderson pants. They are ruffly and darling and if I were smart enough to add the link here, I would. But I am not. I am also not that great of a seamstress. For you sewing divas out there (and you know who you are) with Sand's step by step instructions and color patterns do you think I can do it? Is it worth the investment?


The Lytles said...

I'm impressed Whitney...good job! The only canned item I have made is canned peaches. That was really time consuming so I only did it that one time! Way to go!

Meredith said...

Yes, it looks like canned barf. Quite the accomplishment...but I love peach salsa so I am sure it is fantastic!

As for the pants, I think the hardest part will be the ruffle. That is always a pain. But her stuff is so cute. I bought a pattern for an apron that was $12 online and it was worth it - easier to deal with than a McCall's or Simplicity just for the fact that it was not printed on tissue paper!

Karyann said...

You go Domestic Diva, I am impressed!

shay said...

YUM! Make bruschetta with the other tomatoes! thick chunky cut up tomatoes with garlic, sea salt, & basil!
I have sandi's pattern--those same pants are on my to-do list along with a dress/shirt to match for my girls. I haven't looked at how complicated it is, but you could totally do it! Where there's a will...there's a way.