Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years Day

On New Years Day we had a great trip to Hole in the Rock. We had so much fun hiking around, and having a picnic. Brandon brought a spyglass telescope and enjoyed peeping at the people below. Who knew how many people actually pick their noses!! The hike is not really much of a hike. More like a stroll. The picture can be a bit deceiving. Even Alexa made it to the top. Perfect hike for our family. Brandon and Jake felt very accomplished, without much exhaustion. It really was a blast.
I think I took about 20 photos and they were ALL terrible! Someone had their eyes crazy in every single one! Can you believe?

Jake was a bit worried while we were eating our lunch at the bottom. He's not used to being in the desert and was afraid of strange animals. I caught him on video asking us if there were any of the lizards that go like this...


The Lytles said...

That looks like fun! It looks a bit like the Arches in Moab. Good times!

shay said...

where is hole in the rock? between Gilbert & Tucson? We missed that one when we lived there forever...of course our kids were small then too.