Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going to the ASU game

It was a busy weekend. I had another scout camp. I've already talked enough about scouts, so all I will say is "Camporee" is one of the worst words in the English language. Whitney and I went to the Arizona State football game after the block party. The first thing I realized at the ASU game is "Toto, we're not in Kansas (Provo) anymore." The students clog all of the parking lots and there are literally hundreds of empty beer cans littering the ground. That's a little different than at BYU, where you can't even buy caffeinated beverages.

One student had a t-shirt that said "We Pre-Game Harder than You Party" Oh, you don't say? It's amazing how much alcohol is consumed at those games. I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't at a University of Utah game. We also noticed that a lot of students go to the games to tailgate and party, and a great many of them never actually make it to the game. They just stay outside in the parking lots drinking, smoking, dancing, and partying. The tops are low cut and the skirts are short, and there is no way my daughters will be attending ASU. What did I expect from a school whose mascot is the Devil?

Once we got into the game, I started to see why they drink so much. The ASU football team is garbage. After all, this is a team that lost to UNLV at home...something not even BYU managed to do. The stadium is bigger than at BYU, but is old and rickety. You always have this strange feeling that you'll fall through the wooden flooring that holds you up. The crowd is good too, but not overly loud. Most of them wear gold, and it has a pretty stunning effect.

We did end up leaving the game early because 1) Alexa was with us (even though she was an angel) and 2) I kind of felt sad watching Oregon abuse ASU. We weren't alone. Apparently at half time, it is a tradition for the fans to leave the stadium, go to the local bars and drink some more, then come back to the game. The way that game was going, they were probably better off just staying in the bars.

We snuck into a pay parking lot for free, because we were a bit late, and it was a bit of a walk from the stadium, so after we left, we rented a ricksaw to take us back to the car. A happy-go-lucky granola boy was pedaling away. He had that odor that said "I haven't showered today...or yesterday either, for that matter" and the scenery we got to see was his boxers protruding from his pants. Someone get that man a pair of bike shorts, please. It was totally worth the ten bucks, though, and Alexa loved the ride.

It was an eye opening experience, albeit a little different than what I was used to at BYU games. Oh, and ASU lost 54-20.


Nemelka said...

Ok so call me stupid but how do you do your pictures in that square so you see all of them at once?

damagsmonkey said...

Welcome to AZ!! Glad you guys had 'fun'! I went to ASU and never bothered to go to a game. Of course, that's probably cuz I hate football ;) ASU is definitely a party school though---keep your daughters far, far away!!!

ps Okay Whitney, how lame am I?? It turned out the tip from today was included, so I went back and got my $8 back! I felt so cheap, but hey that's $8!