Monday, October 20, 2008

Alexa's first trip to the zoo

Thursday we went to the zoo. My kids can never get enought of the Phoenix zoo. As long as it isn't summer. When we first moved here, we bought a season pass and went almost every week. We never renewed, so they have been begging for our business again. We got 2 free passes to zoo lights and 2 to the stingray exhibit, plus $5 off. That makes it WAY cheaper than us going twice!

Brandon and Ainsley wanted to feed the ducks their sandwiches the entire time. And beg for snow cones, which Alexa loved.

We were so glad to have Ryan home all week! I wish we had fall break more often!
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damagsmonkey said...

We were there on Wednesday!! And guess who forgot her camera? This girl!!(with thumbs pointing to me) Kiah slept thru most of it anyway--not the big monumental moment I was hoping for. Cute pics--I love the snow cone and Alexa one! I thought you didn't give her bad stuff like us!?! LOL