Saturday, September 06, 2008

Priorities? It's been a while!!!

Okay, so it's been a while since I posted. Where are my priorities???
Actually, I have to blame all of you.
For example, Shayla (McLaughlin)has got me creating. Finding ways to create and do things on my own. I even asked for a sewing machine for my birthday!!!
Meredith (Simpson)has got me trying to spend more time with my kids and be a better mom. So who has time anymore?
Seriously, though. If you have time, check out their websites. They have been amazing lately!!!
But, I wanted to show you a picture of last weeks game. Just to prove that my priorites ARE actually straight, and our kids still know what team we represent.

Now seriously, is that not the face of someone repulsed by the Cougars? Sorry Ryan, we may have a future SunDevil on our hands!


Karyann said...

Yeah, for BYU, haha. we have missed you. I have missed you all so much. and meredith didnt need to teach you to be a good mom, you arlready are!

Meredith said...

That is so darling! Ryan gets them going young, huh? My girls have UNC cheerleader uniforms, thanks to their Daddy. Check out our Halloween blog entry from last year! And you are too kind...I am trying hard to be the mama I want to be!

shay said...

I think we have like four of those little cheerleader outfits...they HAVE to be decked out for game day!!! she IS sooo cute...BYU coug or not

Way to go with the sewing machine! Now, it sounds like I need to read Meredith's blog and spend more time with my kids instead of with my nose in the computer or with my tools or sewing machine:)

Do you keep in touch with the Pittons? Julianne just commented on my post--she found me through Juli Wishart Hull...and so I lurked on Shaunee & the rest of the Pitton gang. Do you want the link?

brittanyc said...

So that was the cutest little BYU cheer outfit ever. What a babe! Chris's brother just moved to Gilbert and I wonder if they'll be in your ward...probably not, but that would be weird! What are you creating with a sewing machine? I wish I could sew! I love fabric, but don't know how to do anything with it.