Friday, August 22, 2008

That Over-rated thing called SLEEP

We all have things that we suck at in regards to parenting, right? (Admit it!!!) Well, I have created this monster and now have to deal with it. AND I AM TIRED!!!

Ryan and I were thrilled to have a baby that slept well, but, to be honest, it's been over a month wince we've slept well. And NOW it's been days since we slept at all!!!

Here's the deal. We went on vacation and let her sleep in our bed. Also, staying in hotels, we didn't want her to scream and wake up the neighbors, so I nursed her back to sleep every time she woke up. We just can't get a schedule going with her again, and I adopted the lazy parenting way of nursing asleep as a normal way of life.

Last nights scenario...
Alexa's head in my armpit. Alexa's head in Ryan's armpit. Alexa's foot in my boob. Alexa crying EVERY HOUR wanting to eat. This is KILLING me. I know it's my fault. I know.

So, (AND DON"T JUDGE ME FOR BEING STUPID!)last week, I spent $40 buying this sleep training kit online. So, we talked ourselves into doing it. It kicked our butts. She screamed and cried. We couldn't consol her at all. And this is the kind of training that you CAN pick the kid up and consol. But you still have to let them cry. The next day, she had a fever and a cold. She couldn't hardly breathe with her stuffy nose.

Coincidental? I don't know. We did have to stop, though. Can you do that to a sick kid? Now she's healthy and I'm wondering if I should try again.

Help me!!!! Share your sleeping ideas. There are things I am great at. This is NOT one of them!!!


JACK's house said...

You know my kids, they have always been good sleepers...but there were times...and to be honest, letting them cry does eventually work.

Kae said...

I am so not ready for that part=. I have forgotten how tired I get with a baby.

damagsmonkey said...

Seeing as Kiah wakes up every 2 hours and I stumble in and nurse her back to sleep, I hardly think I'm qualified to give anyone advice on this subject! And she's still sleeping in her swing too! When Halle was 1 though, I'd finally had enough and since we were no longer in an apartment, we did the cry it out thing. It works. The first night she cried for 30 mins (we went in every 5 min to pat her back--but not pick her up), 2nd night she cried 10-15min., 3rd night she was sleeping on her own. Heaven :) I think we might try it with Kiah after we move. We'll see. Good luck to you!