Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ryan's View of Last Night's Sleep Adventure

So Kae Harrison would like another example about the sleep thing (I know her comment is TIC, but here's the update from last night). So, Whitney and I agreed to do the "cry it out" thing. It was like turning an alarm clock radio up full blast and tuning it to one of those annoying Spanish radio stations that you find in the obscure part of the AM band. Then, setting the alarm to go off at 1:30 am. Now, instead of getting up and finding the alarm clock like I suggested yesterday, just lay there and listen to it for an hour and a half, and don't get upset. Seriously, I feel so bad for poor little Alexa, but she's getting better. After she's quiet and back to sleep, I can still hear the crying in my mind. Every noise in the house sounds like her crying. The A/C going on, the fan over our bed, Brandon's snoring (because Brandon, of course, came in our room to sleep on the floor next to our bed like he has every night for the last 8 months) all sound like Alexa STILL crying.


Sims Family said...

Hey guys, quit egging him on!!! :)

JACK's house said...

It's ok Whit...he's going through it too :) This too shall pass right?

Dustin & Kristen Lantz said...

Hey this is Kristen Lantz Olsen. Whatever you want to call me. Cute blog! You have such cute little babies.