Friday, August 08, 2008

First week of school!

This was the first week of school!!! These photos are of the first day. Did I cry? Well...I did get a little teary, but not because of Brandon going to kindergarten. It was because there were so many crying kids!! I've never seen som many crying 5 year olds!!! It was so sad. Brandon was perfectly happy and excited.

Ainsley was disappointed that no girls from last years class were in her class this year. But she did get the teacher she wanted. She's a little shy at making new friends, so she has been playing at recess with the girls from last year. We'll see if she opens up to some other girls soon.

Brandon said his teacher is TOO nice. Too too nice. He was lucky to have a little boy from preschool last year sitting next to him, and a little girl ffrom preschool right behind him. The boys play pirates every recess and he is just loving school.


JACK's house said...

Yeah for school!!(to be honest, i'm a little mixed about it starting) :(

Meredith said...

Do they both go to BF? I didn't notice a uniform on Ainsley...

Are you playing fall soccer? Email me and let me know the details if so...I have not yet signed up my girls and need to do so ASAP!

The Child Family said...

Whitney! Of course I remember you!
Wow! It is soo good to hear from you.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your family looks beautiful as do you. It sounds like it is just going to be one at home for you at least half day! YIPPEEE for you!!!
Hope all is well with you- sounds like you are doing great.
Keep in touch.