Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This weekend we have had the cousins visiting (and Megan,too!)
Cassidy brought a fun craft of Tie-Dying and t he whole family had a great time! We've seen movies, gone to Bounce U, swam a LOT, had a birthday party at Peter Piper and a lot of other things thrown into one crowded weekend.
My kids had a terrific time with the cousins, however, my house has seen better days! It's a wreck!!!!!
With school starting tomorrow, I am excited for a little free time. Woohoo!!!


damagsmonkey said...

I love that you even tie-dyed a onsie for Alexa--way cute! I'm with you about school starting, I can't wait to purge all of Halle's toys!

Meredith said...

Lindsay is excited to tie-dye for our next family reunion. Looks cute!