Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ainsley the Great

It's Ainsley's turn to have some positive words.

Ainsley is truly amazing. She is good at absolutely everything she tries. She excels at everything! She doesn't get it from me!!! Just today she received an invitation for an awards ceremony for making an entire year at school with nothing lower than an A. Ever. She is a brainiac. Then her music teacher called to say she was chosen as student of the month for music. That is out of all grades! Not just 1st. Crazy how that kid is loved at school!

Ainsley is what we lovingly refer to as a lemon drop. She may appear sour, but when you get to know her she is so sweet. She has so much love for her brother. He looks up to her and wants to be like her. Of course she would NEVER admit that. She doesn't like the positive attention, but I think it secretly makes her feel good. She loves holding her sister and reminds us all daily that she is Alexa's favorite family member.

Ainsley is loyal. Her friends are friends for life. It is not uncommon for her to save up ALL her Kinzcash for weeks (you Webkinz folk know what I mean), and then spend $2500 on a swimming pool to gift it to her friend Rebecca. She will literally give anything to anyone who needs or wants it. A couple of years ago Ainsley had a little girl in her dance class who wore a swimming suit to class every week. One day Ainsley brought her nice leotard to class to give to the girl. Not her Target one, the expensive Capezio one. How do you tell a kid to be less giving? You don't. People are much more important than things and she understands that.

Ainsley LOVES dessert. It shows all over her face. Only dessert (mostly chocolate ice cream) ends up all over, though. She loves being BUSY. She loves playing with friends. And I love Ainsley very much. She brings a lot of spunk to our family.


JACK's house said...

Way to go Ainsley at school--stick with it--that is AWESOME!! I think that you are a pretty neato kiddo too! :)

cousincassidy1996 said...

Good Job Ains!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!