Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Lights!

Tonight for family home evening we went to see the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple. For some unknown reason, this is the first year we have done this!! It was an awesome experience. Not only were they absolutely beautiful, but it was warm! Brandon was freezing and took my sweatshirt, and I enjoyed walking around in a short sleeved shirt the rest of the visit.

1. Bringing Z with us. She's such a fun girl.
2. The lit up camels. So cool!
3. The candles floating on the fountain.
4. The "creativity" display. We had to explain it's actually a nativity. They were from all over the world.
5. Listening to the high school choir sing.
6. All the palm trees covered in lights.
7. Donuts after!

We had a great night and I am sure this will become a family tradition!


damagsmonkey said...

Oh, I love Temple Lights! You guys are so good--always inviting friends to everything. Alexa looks so big!

damagsmonkey said...

ps---I hope you know that I would never actually do that in your pool! Mike did though--and thought it was really funny! LOL! Good thing we've got our own pool now, huh?

Meredith said...

We always have a great time doing this. My kids love to bundle up whether they need it or not. Treats afterward are a must!

The Lytles said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Good Times! Great pictures!

TamaraLove said...

Oh Temple lights!!! We are going to have to come out to see them... I can't imagine Christmas without a trip to go see the lights. Always wonderful. Donuts sound like fun, but we usually stop at Nielson's Frozen Custard on the way home (Gilbert and Southern). It is one of Todd's faves. We love to go there after Easter pageant as well.

Thanks for the post.