Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

The kids planned the nativity portion of our Christmas Eve this year. It was so fun to watch the planning. Jake (aka Joseph)really wanted a beard. After Megan eye-lined it on, he went up to Brandon and asked, "Do I look like a grown-up now?" Brandon said, "No, you look like a kid who has a beard." It was so funny, but maybe you had to be there???

My sister Sally was conned into being Mary, and Alexa was (of course) the baby Jesus. Ainsley was the angel (contradictory?). Jake was Joseph and Brandon was the shepherd. In the video which I couldn't upload, you can see that baby Jesus kept trying to climb out of the manger. Joseph kept interrupting me saying, "Jesus, Jesus!" :)

They loved having new pajamas and sleeping by the tree. Maybe a bit too much, Because by 11:00 pm they were still whispering and I had to banish them to their bedrooms.
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