Saturday, February 02, 2008

First Goal

Ainsley scored the first goal of the season today, within the first 2 minutes of the game. She got the "Blue Ice" off to a great start and they shut out the Red Rockets. I actually felt kind of bad for the other team. :)
We've opted out of soccer for Brandon. He's not great at the team sport thing. We are going to try T-Ball in April and see if he does a little better at that.
He certainly made me laugh this week. We were playing pirates on Monday (he was home sick from pre-school.) He made me say things like "bunker down the hatches"??? and "Argh Matey." After we saw land (my bed was the pirate ship), shouted "Land HO!" and let down the anchor, we had to tiptoe past the rats so as not to get scurvy, then look for an X, which marks the spot. Where do all these details come from?
It's funny the 180 degree differences between the two kids. What will this next one be like?


Meredith & Steve said...

Congrats - what team did she end up on? Is Jody coaching again? Caroline started today. Lindsay wants to wait until fall to play again. It was nice to be done at 10am!!!

JACK's house said...

The next one will either be completely laid back, or some sort of a combination of the two.

That is so funny about Brandon. We have the same problem with Justin. We have tried Karate and Soccer, the kid just isn't coordinated and to be honest, he just hasn't learned the art of listening to instructions. I'm going to put him in lessons to learn how to ice skate. He has expressed a desire to play ice hockey. I figured he has to learn how to skate first. We shall see how he does.

That is awesome about Ainsley!!Quite the star----