Friday, February 22, 2008

Bragging again!

So, don't read this if you don't want to see my bragging! This is my only form of journalling, so I have to add in a few great things about my kids. :)

I had parent/teacher conference with Ainsley's teacher. She asked if Ainsley gets her drive, organization and do-it-now personality from me. hahaha. That is hilarious. NO! Of course it comes from her dad, some of the things I love about him!!! Me, I'm flighty.

Anyway, like always, she got straight 100% scores all the way down the board. It's all she ever gets! She is at a 4th grade, 3rd month reading and spelling level (however exaggerated these scales are, I don't know!) It's funny how such a quirky, smart-mouthed child can be the perfect student at school, with never a problem. At 6, she is driven by bribery, so if she gets on the A team every term, the whole family gets to go miniature golfing together. Something we NEVER do, except on the cruise. 2 more terms to go out of 6!

So, of course we are happy as ever that we switched her to the charter school. It's proved to be a better environment for her. We'll see if we end up keeping Brandon there next year. His personality is a little more like mine!!!


shay said...

You're funny! You're not bragging...just saying it how it is! We all have that right as mommas!! What charter school do you have Ainsley in? I wish we had charters down here...CA hasn't caught on like AZ & UT. BTW, how are you feeling?

JACK's house said...

Like Shay said, your not bragggin, you have the right. You are her mama :)