Thursday, March 03, 2011

Utah, viewing and funeral

All of Ryan's family was there for the funeral. I can't think of one missing cousin. It was amazing.
We even saw Shantel, Ryan's cute sister that lives in Florida. We haven't seen her in like 6 years. (She's sitting next to Julee's husband Aaron and Alyssa.)
Ainsley and her cousin Katie at the viewing
Ryan and his cousin Chris
Brandon started a poker club both at the viewing and the funeral. Usually it was in the way, right in front of the body. He didn't know he had so many boy second cousins. They were all so cute!
Alexa and her great-grandpa Phillips at the graveside services. It was snowing and so cold. Ryan dedicated the grave.
Here are all the boy grandsons as pall bearers
Ryan's dad, Mike, and his pretty wife, Lori

This is what we don't miss. Driving in the snow staring at the Utah State Tree. (The orange cone.)
Ryan faking a smile while driving in the nasty storm to Larkin Mortuary.
Ryan's Aunt Jennifer with her granddaughter Brooklyn
Ryan's cute cousin Tracy with her darling little boy, Cohen.

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JACK's house said...

Ah come on...I MISS THE SNOW! When it snows here...IT NEVER LASTS and shuts down THE WORLD