Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ainsley's Teeny Tiny Tenth Birthday

Ainsley had her teeny tiny tenth birthday and to be honest I was a little worn out from the trip before it ever began.  So I didn't quite give it my all, but it was fun.  Definitely fun.

We made a cute mini sign for the door
All the cute girls

Bacon cupcakes.  Yes you read that right.  She wanted bacon cupcakes.  We also had mini hamburgers, mini sodas, mini cookies and a few other mini snacks.

We made shrinky dink jewelry.  That was seriously fun and definitely the hit of the party!
We played the fun candy bar game using mini candy bars.  That was hilarious to watch!

We seriously had a fun time!  A few of Ainsley's friends gave her Doritos for her birthday, which I thought was strange.  I asked why and apparently she talks about Doritos all day long!  One girls said she has a dream that she is walking in a world made of Doritos and eats the whole world.  Weird?  I would say so!  :)


Lytles said...

Great party! I loved the shrinky dink idea! I think my girls would have loved Doritos since we don't have them very often. I'm glad the party went well!

JACK's house said...

What a lucky girl to get 2 parties! :)