Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, the things we find...

The kids were out and about on Friday, so Ryan and I decided to snoop around their backpacks. This is what we found.

Four (yes, four!) reading books, various small pieces of candy canes, a stick (mini hp wand?), and an empty carton of chocolate icecream. Later we were told the carton was a reminder of the best day she has ever had at school. Ever.

Crumpled artwork, half eaten tootsie roll, 2 starbursts, a dum-dum, 2 random lego pieces, a plastic bug, and a pencil sharpener.
I know this doesn't mean much to any of you, but it is so funny to us. I know I will look back some day and laugh out loud.


JACK's house said...

It's awesome that you now have it documented!

Lytles said...

Sometimes its scary to empty out their backpacks especially at the end of the school year. Your kids packs have great stuff. Good idea to take pictures.