Saturday, January 22, 2011


We decided to turn Brandon's room into a dorm.
After too many nights of no sleep for me, I was desperate for change. Tuesday morning I was so tired I almost fell asleep driving Alexa to the burn center.
All three kids are in my room EVERY NIGHT. Alexa climbs in our bed. Brandon and Ainsley wake us up claiming bad dreams, or whatever. I have not awakened one time in the last 2 weeks without all three in my bed or on my floor. And they aren't quiet about it, either. Kicking the bad, the wall, my head. Ryan and I decided enough is enough.
We moved all three beds into one room. No being scared or lonely anymore. It's like a sleepover every night. We constantly wonder why we need such a large house when all we really need is a 2-room bungalow.
BONUS: All three. In bed. Asleep. 7:30 pm. Saturday. Woohoo!


JACK's house said...

Did it last? They do look pretty cute :)

Lytles said...

Looks like a great plan! I hope you are sleeping better!