Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Celebrating Alexa's last burn apt with Disney on Ice

Yesterday we had Alexa's last burn apt (for a while, anyway.) While we were leaving the burn center a "burn survivor" was in the lobby handing out tickets to the Disney on Ice performance. Free tickets to families of burn survivors! Yay! We were super excited, as expensive trips like that are few and far between. We were so high in the nose bleeds. I think there were only 2 rows behind us.
(Smile kids! Pretend you like it so Alexa doesn't grow up too fast!)

We told them it was over at intermission and took off. We can only take so much.


JACK's house said...

Oh but Whitney...FREE ;)

Lytles said...

You deserve it! I know what you mean about only taking so much!

Amy Johnson said...

It looks like Mickey is waving right at you! What a fun time! You guys are crazy, though. I'd stay til the lights come on and they kick me out!