Monday, April 05, 2010

Star Wars Mania!

Last weekend Ryan and I took Brandon, Jake and their friend Logan to the Star Ways Mania concert at Symphony Hall in Phoenix.
The symphony played all kinds of space odyssey, star wars and close encounters music. The boys loved it and we had a great time. It wasn't very long. So short, in fact, there was no intermission. Before it started, there were all the Star Wars characters dressed up in the lobby for photo shoot ops. This was probably the best part of the day.
Now I know nothing about Star Wars (I have never made it through one movie without snoozing.) The boys, however are total fans and know EVERYTHING. So here I go trying to describe who we saw.

Here they are with some pilot guy and some jedi's (I think.)

I have no stinking idea who this is.

Storm Troopers
***edit. I have since been corrected. These are: one sand trooper and one clone.

Some fat Luke Skywalker, Princess Leah and shorty Hans Solo.
(BTW this princess Leah crushed all of Ryan's hopes and visions of Princess Leah.)

Bobo Phet (Just don't make me pronounce it. I always get yelled at.)


And last but not least, the Jawa's. (The favorite of the day.)

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