Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brandon had a SUPER FUN birthday party last week. After many mind changes, we finally decided on a spy party. Now, after Ainsley's Harry Potter extravaganza, I was a little gunshy about the big party. Kinda pooped out!! I tried everything. Bowling? Chucky Cheese? Peter Piper Pizza? Movies? NO. He wanted a fun party at home like Ainsley. Then came the guilt trip from my honey. She always gets the big party. He deserves a little attention. OKOK I get it.
So our intvites were letters to all secret agents in manilla envelopes with Top Secret stamped on the top. They all included a secret password that needed to be used to enter the secret agent training course (the party.) The code was in code and we included a decoder sheet they were to bring to the party.
They were all issued ID cards upon arrival and sent outside to spy training. Ryan had them do a fast obstacle course all around the yard. If they passed, they were issued their spy gear. Sunglasses (to protect their identities), flashlights and loaded water guns (for protection.)
They then were given the first clue. (All the clues were in the top secret stamped manilla folders.) The caught on and ran to my friend Sara's house. She had bombs that needed to be difues. There were a bunch of balloons blown up, all with papers in them. One had the next secret password. After popping them all and finding it, the figured out the code an ran to Mona's house.
Mona had a bunch of lottery cards I made. They scratched off to reveal their fate. One had a secret code. They figured it out and went on.
Ashlee's house had the fortune cookies. They all split them open and found the next code. (You all knew you could microwave fortuen cookies to soften them and insert new fortunes, right?)
Next they ran back home. They had to make it through the laser maze Ryan created and finally completed the mission by SAVING the pinata. Homemade by me and Ainsley of course.
We had a GREAT time and I was glad we did it. He deserves it!


TamaraLove said...

What a fun party!!! (: Happy birthday Brandon! And... that is so great that you have so many nice neighbors. Woo hoo!

Lytles said...

What a great party! I've always wanted to do a spy party for Luke! Too bad he's not seven! Great game ideas and nice weather of course! You're a good mom!

JACK's house said...

Ok...I agree he deserves it...but man do go all out! NEVER TELL MY CHILDREN :)

Erica Phillips said...

Wow is all I can say. It makes the "movie party" we just had for Hannah and Bailey look so simple now! What a creative idea...I wish I still lived by you, maybe you would rub off on me :)