Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lots and Lots of Rain (and a luau)

It was raining all day. We went up to the north shore to see some sights including the lighthouse. But guess what? We couldn't even SEE it, the rain was so strong. So we went back down to the south and snorkelled in the drizzle. It's much warmer down south. Here's us at the luau

Here's the boys flirting with my grandma

My mom and Alexa

Me and Alexa. It was so humid I had to keep in a braid or it was MEGA curly.

Here is Alexa dancing to the music. She LOVED LOVED LOVED the luau. She was even called on stage to dance, but would dance up there. A few years ago when we were in Maui we went to the Old Lahaina luau with the older kids. One fell asleep and the other ate only a strawberry. And they cost money. This little one was free but ate her weight. And the music. With every song she said, "This is my favorite song!"


Lytles said...

Cute shirt Whitney! I'm glad you had fun despite the rain!

karen said...

gorgeous photos. Glad you guys had a great time--Alexa looks like she did, too!!