Wednesday, March 24, 2010

B-day for B-dog

Brando Commando
Whatever you call him, Happy Happy Birthday to my cute, sweet boy.
Brandon turned 7 on Thursday. We celebrated by going to In N Out and coming home for cake.
Brandon is loving anything Star Wars or Lego these days. So to venture out, Ryan bought him all kids of fishing equipment for his birthday. New rod, reel, etc. He was so excited. On Saturday morn, Ryan took him to the Riparian Preserve to put it to some use. They were out and back in less than an hour, no fish caught. Apparently his patience level is low when he's not trapped on Grandpa's boat.
I sure love having this guy around. He is sensitive, loving and kind. He hates to be alone and is super sweet to Alexa and Ainsley. Happy 7 Big Guy!!

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JACK's house said...

Man how time flys...Happy Birthday Brandon!