Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wind Cave at Usery Pass

We figured if the 2nd grade could do this hike, so could we. Whew! We forgot to take into account 2 things. Ryan's 20 pound backpack (aka Alexa) and the 45 pound kid I literally dragged up the mountain (aka Brandon.) Yeah yeah. They only look happy here because it's on the way down.

The girls were awesome. No complaining with happy smiley faces. They made it worth it!

Here we were at the top, surrounded by bees. (minus me taking the click)
True conversation on the way up.
Jake: I am going to die.
Megan: No you aren't. Keep going, you are doing great!
Jake: Can I see your cell phone?
Megan: I left it in the car. Who are you going to call in the middle of the mountain?
Jake: 9-1-1. I need them to rescue me and get me off of this dang hike.
He and Brandon SERIOUSLY hated the hike. But I believe they felt good that the made it to the top.


JACK's house said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Lytles said...

Looks like great weather to go hiking!

Casey said...

LOL - we took the scouts on the Mt. Timpanogos hike last fall. I remebered it being the easiest thing in the world, but it kicked my butt. SERIOUSLY thought I was going to die:}

TamaraLove said...

Oh that is sooo awesome! We have done that hike with our kids (on a field trip) and after. On the field trip one of the girls in my group was sure she was going to die... Lol! So funny. Everyone made it, but it was hot that day too and there was MUCH complaining. I thought it was fun. ! Silly munchkins...

damagsmonkey said...

Too funny! I would've thought it'd be the girls complaining--go girls! I bet you got a great workout dragging Brandon with you! LOL
ps We were at McCormick Stillman RR in Scottsdale. Off Indian Bend, I think...