Sunday, January 31, 2010


Remember this old friend? Oooh. The memories. Remember the pool bid lady who came in and said, "The 70's called and they want their microwave back?" (She DIDN"T get my job!)
Well, it's going bye bye.

Because me so spoiled!!!!

What do you think of the new member of our family? This 60" baby is making itself right at home!

BUT WAIT! Before you pull yourself off the floor thinking Ryan bought me this puppy for Valentines Day or some other crazy notion. I must explain.

This was a free gift from my neighbors! I TOLD you I was spoiled.
About a year ago my friend Tracy gave me a full room full of furniture for Brandon. 2 weeks ago I was walking down the street when some neighbor I don't even know stopped me and asked me if I wanted some nice maple dressers. And they happened to match Ainsley's bed perfectly so I can pass hers on to Alexa. And now, a TV.
Sara and Jim bought a new TV and GAVE this one to us. They were tired of the blue tint that wold cost about $500 to fix and is creeping from the left side of the screen. Blue is good for me!

I am feeling so grateful. Wow.


damagsmonkey said...

Nice! See, there are tons of generous people out there. Too bad no one pass out cash, though...

Lytles said...

Wow is right! You have some really generous friends! Very blessed! You're right- it does look great in that room!

Meredith said...

It might even be worth fixing!! Great hook ups!