Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

We had the "best Christmas ever!" according to the kids. The presents were great. Ainsley got the scooter and helmet she wanted SO badly. I guess the helmet she's had since she was 3 is too babyish. Alexa has been playing with her kitchen and fake food NONSTOP. It was a definite hit. Brandon received a few things from us and Santa, however his fave was from Grandma (Legos. You guessed right.)

The kids made an accurate statement when they said they got more at grandma's than at our house. She spoiled them rotten!!!

Ainsley was SOOOO happy to have Aunt Sally here for the week.
We played lots of games util all hours of the night. Favortes? Zooreka for the kids and the similar but more grown up Settlers of Catan for the adults. And the new game Ticket to Ride from Grandpa and Lori was a huge hit. We (especially Ainsley) highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new game!

We had to pull the table out to full length this week!


JACK's house said...

That is quite the long's been way too long. :)

damagsmonkey said...

Fun!! I'm glad you guys had a merry Christmas!! We have to get them together soon to {finally} play with their 'food'!