Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whitney, the ethnic mom

There are a few ethnic children in Brandon's class. Some Latino's, some African Americans, some Asians. But you would not know it, walking through the art gallery. They all look white.

All except for me! I am the only ethnic looking picture in the group. Isn't it funny how your children see you?
I am 33 years old. (Yippee! Younger every year!)
I weigh 14 lbs. (hmmmm.)
My shoe size is 77. (Watch out Karl Malone!)
I have black hair.
My favorite food is meatballs. (I think we have had those ONCE in our house.)
My favorite show is the Amazing Race.
And my my biggest wish is for his older sister to be nicer. (That may be the truest statement here!)
I love that boy. He is such a doll!


damagsmonkey said...

That's really funny. I don't know what else to say, but it really made me laugh.
ps You're Mother's Day meal sounds awesome! Way to go, Ryan! I got a lousy turkey dog in a cresent roll on the plane. woo hoo.

brittanyc said...

Now that is funny, my "brown" friend! Cute, cute Brandon!

JACK's house said...

Love it!

Erica Phillips said...

Wow, you only weigh 14 pds huh? Well I am way fatter than you cause Bailey said I way 60 pds! Those are the best...I love reading what they write about us. We would LOVE a trip to Park City. When are you coming?

The Lytles said...

Kids are great! Thats a keeper! I love your shoe size!