Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vacation Fun, Thursday at the beach!

In case you are wondering (none of you probably are), we forgot the camera on Wednesday. We did meet our friends, the Smiths, though and had fun. But I was grouchy and TIRED.

So, on to Thursday. We met up with Sally again for a beach day. We decided on Malibu, since we grew up so close, and loved it back in the day. Actually, it was El Pescadero. Fun times, but BAD traffic and VERY WINDY. It took us as long to get there and back as it would have taken us to get to Phoenix. Yuck! Brandon was huddled in a ball under his towel the whole time.
Me and Alexa still had fun.

Sally and Ainsley spent most of the time digging holes, and looking in the tide pools for crabs, mussels and other sea creatures.

As I said in the earlier post, the kids LOVE Aunt Sally and we are so glad we spent time with her!

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The Lytles said...

Don't you miss the beach! Our kids love going even in the winter months! I loved your last name in the sand!