Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tickle Tickle

If you knew my other children at this age, you know they were talkers. They could both say just about anything.

Here comes Alexa! She doesn't talk. Well, I will ammend that by saying she doesn't speak English. She may possibly speak Vietnamese.

Here is the extent of her vocabulary:

Tickle tickle tickle


Anana (This is NOT banana. It is "another" and she says it when she wants more.)

That is it. Once she said "mom." Once she said "night night." Even better, once at church Ryan was up saying the prayer. She stood up and said really loud, "Hi Daddy!" Clear as day. Every one at church thinks she is a talker now. :) Tricked them!

We love hearing her babble and love her funny quirky ways. Hope you enjoy hearing and seeing her tickle the camera.


Meredith said...

Kate still occasionally babbles "mama mama" but it still sounds like that 8 month old accidental speech. Lindsay was speaking in paragraphs at 1. Caroline, not so much. I thought she might be "slow" (read this as I thought she might be retarded...).

damagsmonkey said...

She's so stinkin cute! Your baby speaks Vietnamese and my speaks German. Where'd these kids come from?

JACK's house said...

This age is so fun. She is too stinkin cute!

Mona said...

How cute! I just love her :)

McDaniel's said...

She must not take after you! Ha Ha!!