Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quiet Book (pages 1 and 2)

I decided to make a "Quiet Book" for Alexa's birthday, to try to tone her down during church. She is WILD! I made one for Ainsley when she was little, but somewhere between Brandon and Alexa it disappeared. I sketched out he pages I want to do, but am totally wanting more! So if you have an idea, PLEASE comment to me your thoughts!!!

I've been putting it off so much, that I now have only 1 week to finish! I am the best crammer, however! Last minute is my specialty! LOL
So, here are the photos of the first couple pages I made.

Snaps on the fruit for the tree of life.

Noahs Ark. There are 2 of 7 different animals that go in the "Ark."
What do you think so far?


damagsmonkey said...

K--those are so cute! You need to teach me how to make one too! (and I'm a total procrastinator as well--people work best under pressure, right?!?)

Erica Phillips said...

So I have a funny story for you you remember those folders that we bought in our old ward when Ainsley and Hannah were babies? There were 5 different ones and each had an activity like matching food for the word of wisdom, and rhyming words. Well I never did mine and you did yours so Hannah always played with yours! So finally about a month ago I finished mine...yes 8 years later I finished! So last Sunday we took them to church and they were so excited and so was I, UNTIL they started playing with them! That velcro is SO noisy and everytime they took a piece off it made this horribly loud noise so we ended up putting them away! So maybe I need to make a new QUIET book too!

JACK's house said...

You are WWWWWAAAAAYYYYY to crative for me! ;)

Meredith said...

have fun!!!! I have never made one. I am working on a digital scrapped quiet book but it is not interactive. We are so lucky (believe me, we know we are lucky) that Kate is not terribly mobile! Joke's on you guys!

shay said...

you ARE so creative on the fly there...You could go into biz!