Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Day

Ainsley thinks April Fools Day is a real holiday. She LOVES it.
She put a piece of toilet paper in the bowl, face up, that said

The Jokes on Poo

Then she shoved paper in Ryan's shoes so he would think his feet grew. She also hid all of Brandon's clothes.

Here's what we did to get her back.
1) took out the cookies from the snack bag they were in and replaced them with celery. Resealed.
2) Scotch taped all the ziplocs in her lunch.
3) Put different colors of food coloring in her dry cereal, so when she added milk it turned colors.

Gottcha back!


The Lytles said...

Great ideas! I wanted to do the chip idea but I forgot to put bagged chips on my grocery list so I'll have to do it next year! I'm going to do the lemon jello snack for after school. Great backdrop!

damagsmonkey said...

That's hillarious! I think I might try the 'jokes on poo' on Mike :)

JACK's house said...

That is so funny ;) (Sounds so much like her)

shay said...

What a fun mom! And fun kids!