Monday, April 06, 2009

Creativity out of desperation

I wanted to share a few DESPERATELY creative ideas I used this weekend.

I have been having a problem with the little one this last week. She is already trying to climb out of her crib. Yes, already. The only problem is that her legs are at that "in-between" stage. Too skinny to be fat, too fat to be skinny. So they get stuck between the slats on the crib. YES, this is a saftey standard crib. And an expensive one at that!

The other day she bruised her little thigh trying to get it out. I put her in bed for her nap and she was crying for a few minutes. This is not unusual. Then it got a little louder and severe sounding. I felt SOOO bad! It's happened a few more times since then. In fact, I was getting to the point I couldn't let her cry at all in the crib, because I was afraid she would get hurt! Mommy cannot be a good mommy when baby doesn't have a nap, you know?

Sunday we had what we refer to as "church at home." Our church has a general conference which is on TV twice a year. She needed the nap so bad. I couldn't focus. I was losing it. So this was my solution:

Can't see it? Well, it is the mesh lining you put in your kitchen drawers, weaved in an out of the crib. It worked like a charm.

Also, I came up with a quick sit on the couch and pay attention, but also keep busy craft for Ainsley. I found it at this website.

Who doesn't have old soccer socks lying around?????

Here is the pic...

More to come...


damagsmonkey said...

k--love the sock bunny! Good idea on the crib, poor little Alexa! I'm so with you on 'mommy can't be a good mommy without the nap'! I made Kiah stay in her crib for 30mins today before she fell back asleep! I knew she wasn't ready to wake up, and sure enough, she slept another 1 1/2 hours!

The Lytles said...

Very cute! Perfect gift for a babies Easter Basket! You are so creative!

Mona said...

I love it! Time to sort through the socks :)

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

What a fun sock bunny! I like your colorful ribbon.
Glad you gave it a try!