Tuesday, March 17, 2009

drowning your own kid

Yesterday when we got back from the zoo, we were all hot and tired. Since it was about 82 degrees outside, what better thing to cool off than go swimming in a 67 degree pool?

I really was planning on swimming, really I was. Alexa and I got ready and met the other kids outside the gate. When I stepped my foot in the water I instantly changed my mind. Ainsley and my nephew, Jake were really the only ones who got in. The rest of us swarmed at the oversized step, letting Alexa enjoy the ice water with our feet. I did the polar bear plunge once at girls camp and wasn't feeling I ever needed to do it again.

We were ready to go back in after 20 minutes, because let's face it. Freezing cold water isn't that fun. Brandon all of a sudden got the devil in him and dumped a bucket full of water right over me and the baby. "AHHHHHHHHHHH," we both screamed and after the initial shock wore off, I tossed Brandon in the pool. Head first.

Just so you know, this is our own pool. We have owned it for 3 years, and swam in it hundreds of times. Brandon has had years of professional swimming instruction and is usually a fish. But this time, he forgot how to swim. Whoops.

I knelt by the pool, baby in arms, yelling, "SWIM! SWIM!" But, he began to SINK, SINK, arms flailing. I started to get a little worried at this point. I put my arm out for him to grab, but he didn't get the hint. So I did what I had to, placed the baby on the deck (praying she wouldn't crawl in) and jumped in to save my boy. That I was drowning.

And the story is not over, folks. Unless you are easily grossed out. Because swallowing all that water caused the blue snow cone he earlier consumed at the zoo make his appearance ALL OVER the deck. Yum. I guess I deserved it.


JACK's house said...

I am so sorry. (but whit that made me laugh) isn't it interesting when you really want to teach 'them' a lesson, it's you that learns that lesson. :)

Meredith said...

aack!!! You are the meanest mom in the world for tossing him in! Just kidding. He totally deserved it. I hope the blue snow cone stayed on the deck on not you!

The Lytles said...

I'm glad Brandon is okay! We've had three almost drowning experiences on vacation so I know how scary it can be!

Kelli said...

Oh no!! That is funny.

TamaraLove said...

YIKES! You can't even get even, without him one upping you! LOL! I am Very glad that he is Ok, and that Alexa didn't decide to compete with him for your attention... (:

damagsmonkey said...

Okay this is really funny, only cuz I've seen what a good swimmer Brandon is. And cuz Mike thinks throwing kids in the pool (even in the middle of winter) is a perfectly acceptable punishment! LOL I am sorry about the snow cone though--that stinks! Oh I think I'm gonna get a membership again... maybe we could be Zoo buddies! It'll be really fun in the fall when the girls start getting into animals :)