Monday, February 23, 2009

Ainsley's Party

Saturday was Ainsley's birthday party. She decided she wanted to have a fairy party, loosely based on a book and cookbook my mom gave her for Christmas. Here are all the girls playing outside.

Of course this is a sampling of the delicious "fairy food" found in the cookbook.

Does Ryan look like he is going to smack someone? I think it was just a bad shot. The girls were all little darlings. We made cute little fairies out of silk flowers, wooden beads and pipe cleaners. hmmm. No pictures? Then we had a scavenger hunt. We hunted for the items that fairies hide. That included feathers, pinecones, seashells, and rose and gold stones (some little beads I found on clearance at Michaels.) I asked Ainsley if she wanted to make wings or crowns out of ivy. No Way. That is SOOOO girly. I'm sorry, I thought fairies were girly, but apparently they aren't.

The most important thing was that Ainsley had a WONDERFUL time. And it is one thing checked off my WAY TOO FULL plate right now. ;)


damagsmonkey said...

Looks like fun! I too, thought fairies were very girlie and surprised that Ainsley would pick that as her theme LOL I guess we were mistaken... ;)

Meredith said...

What a delightful party! Simple is best - they create their own memories and your theme couldn't have been more lovely. I mean, Tinkerbell isn't that girly - she is pretty much a "roll up her sleeves and get stuff done" kinda gal - not frilly or prissy!

Meredith said...

'cept Tinkerbell is sleeveless but I digress..

brittanyc said...

A fairy party!? Now, that is a wonderful idea! How have I never thought of that after nearly ten years of having a daughter?! I am going to steal all of these ideas when Clara gets a little bit bigger. Very, very cute. Don't be surprised when I call you a few years from now and say, "remember that fairy party...?"

The Lytles said...

You're so creative! What a great party! If my girls ever want to have a fairy party I know who to call!