Saturday, July 26, 2008

Days 1 and 2

We were really nervous about driving with the baby, but she was a doll. On day one of the vacation, she was great until we got to Colorado City, Then she screamed all the way to St. George.
Highlights of Day 1
*Walking down St. George Blvd, going to dinner, the streets were totally EMPTY!!!! They say it's too hot. We thought it was GREAT! Better than Phoenix!!
*Swimming at the hotel. Brandon wouldn't get in the water. He thought the water was too cold. He is so used to our "bathtub water" at 95 degrees!
I never thought St. George in the summer would be considered chilly!

Day 2
We had the great idea of visiting all the temples on the way up. (As you will notice later, we didn't make it.)
We also stopped in Springville to visit my dad's grave.

*Brandon said he was so excited to go to the cemetery because he forgot what Grandpa Jan looks like.
*Alexa was a doll in the car again!

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