Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 3 (Alexa's Blessing Day!)

We decided to bless Alexa in Utah, so the whole family could attend. And, to make it more perfect we had it in our old ward. We LOVE our old ward. The blessing was great. I always tease Ryan about having a "keen mind" because it seems that is always in every blessing. I may have made him nervous, though. She was blessed with wonderful things, however, she unfortunately doesn't have a keen mind.

If you have wondered what our family members now look like, this is the entry for you. All the siblings except Sally and Shantel are pictured. And I am missing a few cousins in there.

See the BEAUTIFUL dress? Ryan's grandma Joy was so sweet. She picked out and bought that dress. She said she knew Ryan's mom would want her too. Of course, I said that would be fine, and she looked like a little bride.

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Karyann said...

She lookds so pretty. Im glad it was a good trip!