Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I thought I would give a little update on our Christmas. Although it's sad being away from extended family during the holidays, I have to admit it's rather nice not having to drive to 5 different houses all day long on Christmas.

Christmas eve we drove to our friends house in Buckeye, AZ. The Hoopes had a great dinner with all of Kary's family and it was really nice to be invited as a part of that. The kids had a great time, too. We enjoy having good friends out here who are like family to us. The funny thing is, we brought my dad's recipe for a cheese ball and rolls. Everyone kept commenting on what a great cook I was! Ha Ha HA! Most of you probably know I can't cook AT ALL! It was so funny. I guess there are 2 things I can actually make. So if any of you invite me over, make sure I am assigned one of those 2 things!
Santa made it very clear this year that he was paying for part of our cruise, so the kids received one present from Santa and one from us. It was a great idea. I think we may keep that tradition. Simplicity, you know? Our neighbors came over for Christmas dinner, and it was a very pleasant, calm day. Lots of cooking, but that's fun when it's a no stress day, right?
Well, Happy New Year to all of you. We wish you the very best. I hope we can all make our lives and all those around us, a little better this year with more love, kindness and patience. I'm sure going to try!


JACK's house said...

Happy New Year!!!!! Isn't simplicity nice. I've often wondered how it would be not to have to go anywhere on Christmas.

shay said...

I think the cruise/vacation for Christmas is a great tradition! If only we could swing it with SOOO many kiddos. Now I know why we never went anywhere by air growing up!