Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I don't really like Halloween on sunday. The kids think it's almost as good as Hannukah. (They are always wishing they could celebrate 7 days of fun instead of only 1.) Well, Halloween on Sunday is THREE LONG DAYS of {fun.} oops nice closed eyes, Ry!
First off, the kids always want to carve pumpkins tha Monday before Halloween. Ryan warned them the pumpkins would rot. Oh well, we did it anyway. And they did rot.

This was the first Halloween Alexa can remember. She LOVED sticking her hands in the goop.

So, nominate me AGAIN for the mother of the year award. With a huge party on Friday at my moms ward and a huge party on Saturday at our ward. Plus a kids club thing on Thursday for Alexa. Oh, and a school day full of parades and parties. Guess what? No photos. For the record, Ainsley was Hermione. And a GORGEOUS one. She really looked great. Brandon was a dementor and did the part well. Alexa traded between a cat and a pumpkin and was cute as a button. Just trust me.

Here, in Arizona, Sunday is Sunday. I remember in Utah we trick or treated on Saturday when Halloween fell on Sunday. Not here. We decided to be super mean and nix the trick-or-treating. (Keep in mind they trunk or treated TWICE.)

So we set up the fire pit and handed out candy. Brandon wanted to play on the computer the whole time, but we forced him to have fun with the family, dang it!

Alexa kept telling everyone she was the candy girl. She loved handing out the candy to all the kids. It was WAY more fun for her than collecting it.

It was a fun weekend, but ~whew!~ we need a break from our weekend!


JACK's house said...

So cute whitney! Happy Halloween

Lytles said...

Sounds like a pretty busy weekend. Glad you had fun!