Monday, October 04, 2010

Another project because I don't have enough

Ryan is ready to kill me. I get these inclinations to do something and quite often dive in head first. Then when I start drowning he has to rescue me. :)

But here's the story. My grandma had this room in her basement. Maybe your grandma had one, too? It was SO SCARY! The Black hole. Her laundry room had this freaky hole in the back and my cousin Aaron would draw pictures of the monster that lived in the hole. Then he would leave the pictures around the house for us to find when we visited. If we had to get anything from the basement, it was as fast as possible and usually included screaming.

Well, we have that room here. It is (ironically enough) also the laundry room. The kids won't walk in it. Alexa screams at the doorway and makes someone pick her up to cross it.

It's dirty. Filthy. There are moldy patches on the walls. The ugly linoleum is peeling all around. Except the part the previous owners GLUE GUNNED to the wall. There are random huge gaping holes all over the walls. And I was SICK of it.
(my first cut patch of drywall with bleach spray close at hand to kill the mold.)

So I started by cutting the moldy patches out of the drywall one day when Ryan was at work. I tried to cover it with a laundry basket but it didn't work. He noticed. Wasn't happy.
Then I went to Lowes and got a lesson on patching drywall and did it myself. :)

Then I started peeling back the floor. I couldn't stop. Moved the washer/dryer.
I am hoping to have a finished picture for you by the end of the week. Hopefully...


Meredith said...

A woman after my own heart! Hope it all goes well!!

JACK's house said...

Oh wow....your ambitious!