Thursday, September 09, 2010

Alexa has been into gymnastics lately.

She's not in a class or anything. She is only two for Heavens sake. And we all know that only the first child gets to do stuff like that at age 2. :) But it is so fun to watch her.
*And I do have to add a little something about the diaper in case you are wondering why the heck it is hanging off of her like that. I sent Ryan to buy diapers. She's not actually a size 6. Case closed.


TamaraLove said...

She is 'rocking' the Gymnastics! Krystin LOVED gymnastics, it was the ONLY way I could get her to stop climbing on EVERYTHING in the house! Climb at gymnastics, not in the table!

JACK's house said...

Only a man.....she is too cute!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe it! She is in the exact pose as Ainsley!! Maybe Ains can teach her some more moves.