Monday, May 31, 2010

Project of the day - Painting the patio

I don't know why everyone made this seem like such a big deal! We had this really ugly patio. Does anyone relate? The people who lived in this house before we did painted it peach. (With a gray house? REALLY!) It was covered in greasy dirt and just trashed.

It was also Super SLICK! When the kids came running out of the pool area and it was wet, watch out!

Since we will be renting the house out, we though it would be nicer looking and a lot safer to repaint with outdoor patio paint. The kind full of texture and sand to give it a grip.

The guy at home depot said we had to get all the old paint off first or the paint wouldn't stick. So we first bought the suggested paint paint remover.

Didn't work.

Next we were told the high pressure water sprayer. When I went to rent it, the guys told me no way. It won't work.

So we went to Lowes. Same song and dance. Paint won't stick. Try this etching cream. Guess what?

Didn't work.

Next...we bought a heat gun. Bingo. Didn't work.

Finally we went to Sherwin Williams. GUESS WHAT?? Their paint was not only on sale for cheaper than the other 2 stores, but it can be used over painted surfaces!! 2 weeks of wasted research for an easy 2 hour project! Thanks Sherwin Williams!

I'll post some more pics when the landscapers come on Wednesday and we OFFICIALLY list the house for rent. (I'm a bit nervous...)


JACK's house said...

Leave it to the paint 'experts' right :) Good luck on renting. We're going through our own stress at the moment too :?

Lytles said...

Looks great! Good luck with renters!

Amy said...

My mom always tells me, "You should have gone to Sherwin Williams!" Maybe one day I'll listen. Good luck on the renters and painting the patio!

Anonymous said...

I always use SherwinWilliams paint too! Most of the time it covers everything in one coat. It is a better texture and goes on beter than other paints. Sometimes it's better to spend a little more for a product than go through all stuff you have to go through with experiments. It's always best to go to the experts in an area and get their advice first. Unfortunately not all stores like Home Depot know everything about everything. Don't you love all this motherly advice after the fact? loveya, mom