Monday, May 10, 2010

A little overwhelmed

With all the fun projects I am usually working on and all the fun days I enjoy with Alexa at home it's unusual for me to feel so overwhelmed.

But, this is my gripe post, so don't read it if you don't want to hear it! :) And FYI Ryan just may kill me for putting this stuff on here. But I need validation, so feel free to share.

Some of you may know we are moving. We made an offer on a great house about 4 miles away and are still waiting to hear back from the bank. It is apparently a long process. Why are we moving? Well, we came here 4 years ago to start the bank - that failed. In the height of the real estate market we paid way too much for this house. So we lost all our money in the house and in the bank investment. All of it. And we were turned down for a loan remodification because we make too much. haha.

We have to pay lawyer fees from this crappy bank stuff, and now that we made an offer on a house, we are feeling nervous that if we have future attorney fees our money will be stuck in a new house used as a down payment. Should we pull our offer?

We are planning on renting this house out. What if it doesn't rent?

The kids? Should I drive them 15 minutes to the same school or hope they make friends and adjust? They are feeling very down about having to leave behind their friends.

And the stupid smoke detectors all went out at the same time and we have to replace the whole freaking system. What? Who came up with the plan to manufacture smoke alarms that only last 7 years?

I need some love so share it with me!


Casey said...

So sorry--sounds so stressful. You could move back to Utah!!!!

David & Karyann said...

Yikes. I had no idea. I can;t believe it. I am so sorry. How can I help?? My advice. Pray pray pray. love you

Erica Phillips said...

Money stuff is NO FUN!!! I have no great ideas for you but you guys have always been money smart so I am sure everything will work out. Let us know.

JACK's house said...

My advice is ask Ryan...and whatever he says...just trust it. Do whatever your gut says because ultimately you have to be happy with your decision. If it doesn't feel right...DON'T DO IT. As for the kids...they'll adjust. ;)
(I SO feel your pain! if you ever need to talk...just call...I have a great ear :)

damagsmonkey said...

Stinkin' stress. Stinkin' money. Stinkin' people (you know who I'm talking about). You know we're in the same boat--and obviously in no position to give advice. LOL But I can at least share the love. Love ya girl, hang in there. Would egging a certain few houses make you feel better? :)

TamaraLove said...

Whitney - I totally appreciate your strife!!! UGH! Just try to keep that eternal perspective. That's what I keep telling myself... Kids adjust, they make friends. New wards really help with that.

Oh, and did I mention - we decided to stay in California, found a house 2 miles away 1200 cheaper a month... Down side, 2 miles a way - totally different stake and school district.. Hmn...