Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is here ALREADY? and our Apothecary

When did it become September? We kind of forget here, in AZ. It's still WAY over 100 degrees and seems like summer. All over the blogging world, though, people are putting up decorations. I guess that is my hint. Fall has ARRIVED.

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating. Getting out "the tote" is better than chocolate. I couldn't find my way to "the tote", however, because my previous post is in the way. And it's HEAVY.

So, we looked up some fun projects to do on a Sunday afternoon and came up with

Won't it look spookstacular with some cobwebs around it? You can click on the photo to make them bigger. Let me tell you, this was SOOO fun! We found some old bottles of whatever and put spooky labels on them. We happened to have some print and stick paper. yay! And the jars are mostly they are old bubble baths, baby food and such. We even cut up a stuffed animal just a tad for the warewolf fur. We still need to find some vampire fangs. Maybe they are in "the tote?"


Meredith said...

So cute. Just last week I tossed old crud from my bathroom - would have been perfect!! Oh well...maybe I will find more to get rid of and turn into awesome Spooky stuff!

David & Karyann said...

too cute! i will have to find some bottles! love it!

The DIY Show Off said...

What a cute project! Spooky! :)

Nice to "meet" you!


damagsmonkey said...

Wow, that really is so fun! And it'd be perfect decor for a Harry Potter party!!

Let it Shine said...

AH!! I have been wanting to do something like this! Your are super cute! And I think it is precious they like to decorate!!


Anonymous said...

Spooooky, fun project! I'm sure the kids loved it!
pk @ Room Remix